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Some of the major highlights of the magazine are provided below. Click on the links to read the entire article.





Some major highlights of May issue:


BuddhaSiddhartha…journey into youth and the encounter with suffering

Siddhartha was born into the royal family of the Sakya clan, ruled by Suddhodana, during the sixth century B.C. Right at his birth it was predicted that Siddhartha Gautama would either become a great king or leave his home to become the enlightened one or the Buddha. In this part, we focus on Siddhartha’s journey into his youth.


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Everything is impermanent – The Dhammapada

Verse 347: Beings who are infatuated with lust, fall back into the stream of craving they have generated, just as a spider does in the web it has spun. The wise, cutting off the bond of craving, walk on resolutely, leaving, all ills (dukkha) behind.


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Nandi Visala Jataka The All-Powerful Bull

Once a Brahman got a young calf as a ceremonial gift. He reared it with great love and care as he would his son. He named it Nandi Visala. The calf came of age and was transformed into a handsome, sturdy and strong bull. One day, Nandi Visala thought— “My master has reared me with great hardships. There is no other bull as strong as me in the entire Jambudweep. I must now repay my master’s debt by using my strength.”


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WisdomWinds Bridge – Prajna Vihar School

The Prajna Vihar School (meaning Abode of Wisdom) is an inter-religious school for children of poor families in Bodhgaya, Bihar. Students and teachers from various religious backgrounds are core part of this school. People connected to or part of the Buddhist Insight Meditation community primarily fund the school.


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Find your path with ‘What the Buddha Taught’

As a person on a spiritual quest, I have read many books on philosophy and religion, trying to understand and assimilate the teachings to connect with my inner self. While, some provided me with hidden gems of wisdom, some guided me towards my path. But, reading Dr. Walpola Sri Rahula’s ‘What the Buddha Taught’ helped me find an instant connect with my true self, with human capacity, and Buddhist teachings in its truest essence.


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More in this issue:


artBuddha on canvas, Buddha in soul: An art exhibition

An exhibition of painting of Goutham Buddha, by Kappari Kishan and Group, was on display at Banjara Hills, Hyderabad. Read our coverage on the exhibition in the full edition.




am Who Am I: Cover story

The all encompassing question—Who am I? starts our journey to self introspection, to find our true self—the true self which we keep veiled under layers of masks. And, these pretentions and deceptions become our identity. To read the entire cover story download the full edition.



Cool it with detox water!

Detox water basically means a combination of fruits, vegetables, and herbs soaked in water. While infused water has the benefit of being full of flavour, it also has no calories, making it a very powerful tool for gaining health and losing weight. Read more benefits of detox water in our full edition.



Have you noticed the amaltas yet?

Amaltas or the golden shower tree is a flowering plant native to the Indian subcontinent and
adjacent countries of Southeast Asia. These beautiful flowers only bloom for a very short span of time while the sun is at its merciless best. Know more about these amazing flowers in our May edition.



Discipline your life with morning riyaz

If we are not disciplined, we can’t channelise our energy in a positive manner. To initiate discipline in our lives, music could be of great help, especially doing morning riyaz as per Hindustani classical music tradition. Learn how music can make your life disciplined in our May edition.




Bodhgaya…the spiritual quest

Bodhgaya, the place where the Buddha attained enlightenment, is among the top five places in the bucket list of every Buddhist seeker. In fact, it is one of the four important sites related to important events in the Buddha’s life. To read the travelogue, download the full edition.





Golden Temple…tucked in the valleys

En-route to the beautiful valley of Coorg, in Karnataka, we halted at a small hill settlement called Bylakuppe. Peeking at the horizon, we saw the silhouette of a typical Tibetan monastery–Namdroling Monastery. Know more about this peaceful abode in our May issue.





WisdomWinds for Kids

Read stories for kids, book reviews, quiz, poems or enjoy the various art pieces submitted by our young minds. Download the free issue now.





To read the entire May issue, simply download the free issue here. The magazine pdf is password protected. The password is – innerpeace.


Enjoy the words of wisdom!

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