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In our chaotic and stressful lives at times we are lost and alone. That’s when we need to connect with our inner self. Buddha’s teachings help us to understand the true nature of everything including oneself. In our June issue we focus on courage, an essential element to manage our personal as well as professional lives.


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Some of the major highlights of the magazine are provided below. Click on the links to read the entire article.



Some major highlights of June issue:


buddha1Representing “Buddham Saranam Gacchami” through art


On the Occasion of Buddha Purnima last month, some art students from Delhi showcased their interpretation about the enlightened one through their canvases. The art exhibition, Buddham Saranam Gacchami, held at the Roop Chand Institute of Fine Arts (RCIFA) Gallery in Delhi, displayed a conglomerate of analysis of the Buddha, in its spiritual, intellectual or emotional aspect.


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riyazManaging stress through Indian classical music


In today’s busy, stressed out and competitive world, music could be a great stress reliever. It provides an antidote to a stressful existence, even if it means for a few moments. And, in those perfect few seconds, we are truly able to connect with our inner self. In fact, music could be seen as a way owards self-realisation as well. Music is one such art form that is both worldly as well as divine, which is endorsed by every religion and culture globally.


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Benefits of controlling your anger – The Dhammapada


At last the day had arrived for Sameer when he would be giving an important presentation in front of the board members. He had been working for the last one month on the presentation, tweaking and e-tweaking it, to the extent of memorising each word of the presentation. He had carefully rehearsed his lines, even the pauses at the right moment. He wanted everything to be perfect.


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White Wilderness A ride through frozen Spiti


It was a fine February morning, and I was eagerly preparing for my visit to Sangla-Chitkul later in the month. I was lost in my thoughts of visiting Chitkul, the last Himachal village on the Tibetan border, famous for its wood houses, an ancient temple, and granaries guarded by foot-long padlocks – a ritual the villagers have been practising for centuries each winter, when they leave the hills for the warmer valleys downhill.


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BRThe Zahir True love is within you


You would either love The Zahir or hate it. There is no feeling that can be termed as ‘in between’ for this book. A quick Google search would confirm my statement. But, I am not one of the haters, I loved  each page of The Zahir, a book that takes you through the spiritual side of reality.


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