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In today’s busy life, almost no one is free from stress. It has become our ‘indispensable friend’. We are often faced with situations that are completely out of our control, which invariably presses our panic button. It harms our mental and physical health, as we become stressed-out and are unable to come out of our troubles. In this issues’ cover story we focus on how to better manage stress for a quality life. 

A major cause of stress is relationship issues. In Dhammapada, we ponder over the point whether divorces can be less bitter?


Our Art section provides a kaleidoscope on the life of Kumarajiva, the man who translated the Lotus Sutra, while we have a special story on father and child relationship in the Mind and Body section.


In our July issue, we leave you with myriad emotions as you flip through the pages of WisdomWinds.


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Some of the major highlights of the magazine are provided below. Click on the links to read the entire article.

Some major highlights of July issue:


2Kumarajiva, the man who translated the Lotus Sutra


As we entered the foyer of the India International Centre, the documented life of Kumarajiva came alive in a photo exhibition, curated by Buddhist scholar and seer, Dr. Shashibala. Titled, The life and legacy of Kumarajiva, the exhibition showcased the legacy of a lesser known, yet an important Buddhist monk of Indian history – Kumarajiva.


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Father-child relationship – the un-umbilical bond


Relationships form an integral part of our lives. The foundation of an adult life depends on the way they were nurtured as a child. The basic relationship of parents, siblings and friends go a long way in the development of an individual. But, the basic need remains the same, which is to be loved and to be cared for.


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Can divorces be less bitter? The Dhammapada


Naina has been at her irritating best today. For the past three years she has been fighting a bitter divorce case. She and her husband have been headstrong and refusing to budge from their point. In their case, the bone of contention is the house they bought together.


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Chitkul…touchdown at India’s last inhabited village


Ever since being bitten by the travel bug, I have been fortunate enough to explore destinations of some significance or history. However, visiting the last inhabited village on the Indo-China border–Chitkul– had been the most memorable one so far. After all, the Indian road ends here.


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BRFinding Dory – A journey back home


One is often confused while deciding to watch a sequel of a box office success. It is rather risky to pin too many hopes on a sequel in general. However, this one was an absolute delight to the eyes and the soul. The movie comes up with a fine mix of emotional hooks and some great lines.


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