WisdomWinds August 2016 Issue

In this issue, we tell you how to live as per your true self in our cover story. Focusing on a TED video of Dr. Brené Brown, The Power of Vulnerability, find out how it could help in changing your perspective towards being true to your inner being.


Experts from various fields have generously contributed their knowledge in this issue – Susannah Mohan, Communication Director at Norbulingka Institute gave an insightful article on Tibetan art forms; Dietician Karishma Arora lists the various benefits of pulses; Physiotherapist Gouri Godase tells us how naturopathy could help in combating stress: and the insightful teaching of pure dhamma by Shri Satya Narayan Goenka, who was popularly known as S.N. Goenka.


WisdomWinds will soon be seen in a new avatar…the countdown has already begun! 


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Some of the major highlights of the magazine are provided below. Click on the links to read the entire article.

Some major highlights of August issue:


Siddhartha…in a quest to find answers


So far in this section–Life of Buddha–we focused on Siddhartha’s journey from birth to renouncing luxuries. In this issue, we would learn about the various ways and means pursued by Siddhartha in his quest to find answers to end suffering.


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Choose a fool or be alone…Dhammapada verse 61


I know it’s just six in the morning and my shift starts at 11. Still for the last one month, I am getting up early to jog in the nearby park. No, I am not one of those health freaks who jog even in trench coats, braving cold and rain. I am just a hopeless romantic who goes to the park every day, to get a glimpse of the most beautiful woman in the world!


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Norbulingka…a haven for Tibetan art


Perhaps nowhere in the world is art so closely interlinked with religion as it is in Tibetan culture. Buddhist motifs and philosophy permeate every art form, from the auspicious symbols used to decorate traditional architecture and furniture, to the complex depictions of deities in religious statues and thangkas. These art forms are rooted in centuries-old traditions, which have been handed down from master to student in unbroken artistic lineages.


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Vultures’ Peak…where the Lotus Sutra was preached


Rajgir is one of the most important holy sites of Buddhism in India. Located amongst a green valley and rocky hills, the place is dotted with Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) protected sites that provide profound insight into the Buddha’s life and teaching. It is in this place that an important association with the teachings of the Buddha is found–the Vultures’ Peak–a small mountain at the outskirts of the ancient city of Rajgir.


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Revisiting The Secret


Released in 2006, this self-help book is based on the theme of law of attraction, which is based on the premise that positive thinking can lead to life-changing results, while providing unbound happiness, wealth and health to the believer. Since its release, the book has been translated in more than 30 languages, selling millions of copies worldwide.


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