What to do at your darkest hour?

– By Asha Dey


Everybody fears their darkest hour, the hour when everything seems lost, seeping out the very essence of your life. Nothing works. Everything goes downhill and you feel as if you will be forever lost in the darkness of misery, loss and suffering.


And, that’s when miracles happen. That’s when you see life in a new light, a new path, and most importantly, a new YOU! But, to achieve all that, you need to first live through your darkest hour.


Here’s how:


Don’t bottle up. Emotions are dangerous if they remain bottled up. If you are sad, angry or frustrated, let it show, take it out. Release the negative emotions and feelings so that you could accommodate positive light into your being.


Remember life is precious. You may be tempted to take the easier way out, end it all, put a stop to your suffering. But, ask yourself, will that really help? What about the people you will leave behind? Who will be responsible for their suffering? Remember, there is always a choice, always an option, and always a solution to every problem in this world. Have enough courage to face them.


You are not alone. Share your story, your problems with others. You will be surprised to know how we are not all that different from each other. We face almost similar issues and our problems are not that unique after all. There is a certain comfort in knowing that.


Wait for the moment of epiphany. It is during our darkest hour we see the clearest. The moment when fear leaves us, and we stand vulnerable and exposed, a new knowing suddenly engulfs us. We exactly know at that moment the cause of our suffering and the way forward for our life.


Ride the wave. Know that this will also pass. It is a phase and the darkness is not permanent. Sometimes you just need to go through the motion to fully appreciate the gift of life.


About the author: A compulsive writer, a mad thinker, a marooned traveller, and an accidental photographer, Asha Dey is also the Senior Editor of WisdomWinds. Follow her on Twitter @deyasha18.

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One thought on “What to do at your darkest hour?

  • September 30, 2016 at 2:56 pm

    Truly an inspiring read. Remove the negative feelings and create a space for happiness. Remain positive and hopeful, as life is constant and times are ought to change.


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