Power of thought

-By Amit Mehta


Ever heard, pen is mightier than the sword. Yes, good. But only hearing doesn’t help much, unless you understand what it means and where it is coming from. But, just as you have heard that, hear this ‘a thought is mightier than the body’. This is because the thought controls the actions of the physical body, but the physical body cannot control the thoughts. So, the point is that if you want the physical body to be in your control, you should be able to control your thoughts. Does this not raise a question as to who is ‘you’ as this seems to suggest that ‘you’ and the physical body are not one and the same. Yes indeed, this is the core issue that is the subject matter of understanding.


All discussions in the domain of spirituality revolve around this issue, but till the time it is fully understood, it will continue to be discussed and explained. But the good thing is that you don’t need to get into all that but just understand few basic principles of the divine system most of which cannot be seen just like air but surely can be experienced. Just when the air blows as wind, you are able to experience it much better though you still don’t see it, the same way when you advance spiritually, you are able to experience what I call as the hidden side of things. Just by reading the following, you would have done a crash course in Spirituality:


Energy follows thought


This is a divine rule and doesn’t change whether you know it or not. This energy is the divine energy which is everywhere, in every human being, every plant and every animal and even in physical objects. A strong and a clear thought, whether negative or positive has the strength to direct the energy to flow in a particular thing or manner and even the power to physicalise that energy and when this energy guided by the “thought” it manifests and takes the form of an event or an occurrence. For example, when you repeatedly tell a child don’t climb you will fall and the child does fall,  it could be a strong thought manifesting itself. This doesn’t mean don’t take care of the child. You may just silently hold the child or observe the child.


Therefore, it is highly imperative that you know this rule and train your thoughts which anyways keep manifesting depending upon how clear and strong the thought is. Generally it is seen that people who have negative orientations i.e. who bring out only negative points, such thoughts manifest much quickly as they are usually very strong. Therefore, try and change the pattern of your thoughts. You can do it best when you are in the company of a positive person. Just observe this person and he would be showing results even which are no-go areas for others. Similarly, observe a negative person, he would always bring out the negative in every situation or possibility or a proposal and such negative proposals also do materialize.


A careful, conscious and sustained effort on this front can do wonders in your life. This usually works at all levels including when one is going through stress related problems. Just remember that thought is a form of energy which will manifest (i.e. take a physical form) whether positive or negative.


About the author: Amit is a Partner in Seth Dua and Associates. A lawyer by profession, an astrologer, a writer, an orator, Amit loves occult sciences and spirituality, and sees himself as a guide for burning of negative karmas for spiritual progress and happiness in life. He maintains a blog – trustyourlife.wordpress.com.

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