Betrayed? Get up right now!

-By Asha Dey


It might be excruciatingly painful to go through certain situations in life, and betrayal by someone very close to you could be tough to handle. However, life doesn’t stop, it demands to be lived. And live you must, with your head held high.


Here’s what to do when you are stabbed at the back by your very own:


Crib, crib and crib. Take it out of your system. Acknowledge that you have been betrayed, that the person was an opportunist and an ‘amazing’ work of human selfishness. Well, you get the picture. Just do whatever is required to flush out the person from your life. And yes, it includes using certain ‘choicest’ of words as well!


Plan out a revenge only if you want to serve it cold. Being agitated and angry at the person will not help. It will only reconfirm their belief that whatever they did was right. They will say, you deserved it. Try to calm down, think rationally, find out how and what went wrong, how much were you to be blamed in the situation. Act only when you have all the answers. Remember to first pick yourself up even before you start daydreaming about avenging yourself aka Baazigar style.


Don’t you dare take a guilt trip. Whatever happened was certainly not due to ‘fault in your stars’. You made a mistake of believing someone who was not worth your trust. Stop berating yourself. Forgive yourself, but do not forget the lesson you learnt.


There are still good people out there. Don’t believe me? Look in the mirror, and you will find one peering at you. Remember, there are similar people like you who might be looking into the mirror just like you to find someone good to believe in.


Never stop believing in yourself. You and only you could change your situation. Get up the instance you are thrown down that gutter of betrayal. Shine through your troubles, make your life worthy of an inspiring memoir!


About the author: A compulsive writer, a mad thinker, a marooned traveller, and an accidental photographer, Asha Dey is also the Senior Editor of WisdomWinds. Follow her on Twitter @deyasha18.

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