Buddha stated that,“Only by good deeds one becomes a Brahamana, not by birth.”


Rajayatana (A kind of forest tree): Located at the south side of the Mahabodhi Temple Complex, marks the place where the Buddha spent the seventh and the last week after his enlightenment. It is stated that the Buddha gave his first teachings at this place to two merchants named Tapassu and Bhallika.


The Buddhagave them the teachings of Buddham saranam gacchamiand Dhammam  saranam gacchami. The belief that the Buddha attained enlightenment at the Mahabodhi Temple Complex makes the place the most venerated location for not just Buddhists, but even non-Buddhist spiritual seekers, who are trying to connect with their inner self. Although the main temple has undergone many renovations, the architecture has essentially remained the same, following the original form and design. The complex attracts continuous flow of visitors from all over the world – some seeking blessings of the Buddha, some meditating, some performing  religious ceremonies, while some just contemplating about life, much like the way the Buddha did.



Many monks and common people are seen sitting around the Bodhi tree waiting for the leaf to fall, which they take with them as a relic or blessing from the Buddha. It was a fortunate morning for me, as I spotted a young leaf on the ground while I stood near the Bodhi tree boundary. There was no monk or any other person nearby. I quickly captured the instance with my camera and picked up the leaf completely being in awe of the moment… Buddham saranam gacchami and Dhammam saranam gacchami.References:


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