Five ways to tame your anger

Do you get angry without any reasons? Are you irritated with small things in life? Do you suffer from high blood pressure? Do you get agitated when people don’t listen to you?


Although, experts view that anger is a normal emotion and is mostly healthy, uncontrolled rage might not be beneficial for you. Consider these steps for taming your anger.


  1. Express your anger when you are calm If you become angry, do not talk to another person. Only speak your mind when you calm down. Think and express your frustration with assertion. Do not talk in a confronting manner; it may not lead to a conversation that would be fruitful.
  2. Think before you speak Do not speak anything in the heat of the moment. Most times, people regret their words once spoken in anger. Take time to collect your thoughts before uttering anything–you might be able to get to a place where there might be a resolution to your issues.
  3. Take a break Once you get into an argumentative mode with someone, just take a break. Come back after sometime and approach the same person or situation in a calm manner. It might help you have a productive conversation with the other person.
  4. Get possible solutions Instead of focusing on what made you angry, focus on the issue and try resolving it. Anger would not provide you with any resolution, it just adds to your anxiety.
  5. Forgive the person If you are angry with a person, try to forgive him or her. It would help you in getting calm more quickly. Talk out the differences.


Anger might be the reason for killing yourself, your relationship and your career. Your breath is a clear indicator of the upheaval in your mind. The minute you get angry, you begin to breathe heavily. Control your breath, focus on breathing normally and stay relaxed.
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