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WisdomWinds Bridge is an endeavour to showcase social causes undertaken by Buddhist organisations for the welfare of the society INITIATIVE.


In this issue, we showcase Buddha’s Light International Association (BLIA) Chennai Chapter, which propagates the Buddha’s teaching through education, culture and by serving people.


Buddha’s Light International Association (BLIA) Chennai Chapter was established by Maha Upasaka E. Anban, and Ven. Dr. Duankham Saenyod in 1996 to uphold the Buddha’s teachings and respect the Buddha’s Triple Gem.


The association propagates Dhamma to benefit all sentient beings and strives to enlighten others.  BLIA Chennai is committed to spread the Buddha’s teachings through education, culture and serving people. Currently, the association is engaged in teaching computers through its centre in dadambattur in Thiruvallur Taluk. Further, the association also operates a tailoring center and a free girl’s hostel in Chennai. It also provides free ambulance service to poor and needy people.


Since its establishment, the association has organised many major and minor projects in Tamil Nadu, to be particular, Tsunami relief and rehabilitation activities in 2006. The Chennai chapter also provided students relief home, computer center for youths and medical camp at poompuhar  Sirghazhi district in the state.

BLIA Chennai even arranged for immediate relief during the recent flood in Chennai, Kancheepuram and Cuddalore districts.


One of the major goals of BLIA  Chennai is to translate and publish books on Buddhism in Tamil to help  them reach Tamil-speaking population.


The association has published Buddhist hymns in Tamil and circulated over 10,000 CDs to devotees in Tamil Nadu, Singapore, Malaysia and Sri Lanka. It has also been instrumental to reprint over 10,000 copies of Buddha and His Dhamma by Dr B.R. Ambedkar in Tamil.


In fact, a few years ago, BLIA Chennai helped in the publication of the Dhammapada in Tamil language. The translation in poetry form was undertaken by noted Tamil poet Mr. Yazhan Aathi, and edited by Ven. Dr. Bodhipala of Madurai and Mr. E. Anban of BLIA Chennai Chapter. This was for the first time that the book was translated in a poetry form.The publication was launched at the Buddhist Maha Vihara, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


It is interesting to note that BLIA Chennai Chapter has produced more than 50,000 free books in Tamil language for distribution in India.


The association offers a Buddhist centre for prayer and meditation, and also conducts yoga camps for free for local people. It provides training, spiritual and educational programs to help lay followers realise their Buddha self.


To reiterate, the mission of BLIA is to propagate Buddhism with a global outlook, live in a humanistic manner and benefit the multitude.


Donations for expanding the reach of BLIA Chennai Chapter and its effort to translate books on Buddhism in Tamil are greatly appreciated.


For donation related or other enquiries, please contact: anbumalar89@gmail.com or visit bliachennai.org.


Some of the information is taken with permission from the website of BLIA Chennai Chapter.


Change is the need of hour. Post your initiatives to us and we will take it to the world.


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