How to trust someone?

How would you know whom to trust and whom not to? How would you identify the sure shot backstabber? Is there a way to spot the treacherous one amongst the crowd?

It can only be learnt through the hard way. By trusting and by being deceived. The danger in all these, you may reach a point where you will trust none or would not know whom to trust. That’s a scary crossroad with blind alleys, no matter what path you will choose to walk on, you will never know where you are heading to. Being blind is not a good option as you might slip on the banana skin that was thrown by the careless happy fool or the ruthless smug thug.


Here’s how to find someone to trust forever:


Start small: The first test would be by sharing something small, almost irrelevant and see how that person reacts. If that news travels far and wide, you know what distance you need to maintain with that person as well.


Ask around: Find out more about the person, what do people talk about him or her? Is he or she seen as trustworthy, a great friend? If the general consensus is positive, you know you have found a true friend.


Ask for favours: Start with a small one, and gradually ask for more favours, some big ones like lending money of a good amount. Even if that person is not able to help, he or she would ensure that you are guided to the right person to resolve your issues.


Watch out for inconsistencies: A person cannot always wear a mask or fake his behaviour, under pressure situation, he or she would break down and come out with their real face. Watch out for such signs of outbreak.


Give room for errors: Don’t be quick to judge, they may commit errors too. Give them the opportunity to explain themselves. However, if the pattern repeats, don’t take it for granted.

Life is not black or white, you will meet many people and would have to learn to distinguish those shades of grey so that you could ultimately find the right person to trust!

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