Expectation is a killer!

Learning to not expect anything from anyone might be tough, but it helps you in leading a peaceful life. Here’s how to keep a check on expectation.


Smile. Yes, those simple lip moments creates a huge change. And if you are happy for others, probably, you can be happy for yourself.


Expectations become a part of life. Most often, you expect most of the things to run as per your wishes. You want to rule them. Those are the emotions you need to curtail. When you expect people to behave or answer in a certain way, you are tying yourself with them. Think before you do that.


Keep your expectation normal. If you keep your expectation normal, and do not create any unreasonable demand from others or oneself, you are in good hands. If you expect that everyone in the world will be rich, or no one would be poor, you are just killing yourself with the expectation. Aim for happiness.


Don’t expect anything in return. If you have helped a friend or a colleague or your neighbours, do not expect that they would return your favour. The expectation might not help you in connecting with people at a spiritual level.


Keep working on it. It is not easy to stop expecting from people in a spurt of a moment. It takes a lot of practice and cognisance to keep yourself in the position of not expecting anything from anybody. Keep practising it in daily lives for achieving your goal.


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